After state formation, no independent candidate won Lok Sabha elections in Uttarakhand

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Dehradun: Since Uttarakhand came into being in 2000, the main electoral battle has always been between national parties like BJP and Congress. Till now, no independent has been able to register a win in the last four LS polls in the state. Even the vote percent of independent candidates in 2019 LS polls has been less than one percent in the state.

Voters always shown their trust in traditional parties

The BJP and Congress have been the main rivals in the state. No third political party has been able to carve a niche for itself. In parliamentary and assembly elections, this state hasn’t shown much interest in any other party, except Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) which has played a pivotal role in statehood agitation. In the 2022 assembly election, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had tried to woo the voters in Uttarakhand but it was all in vain as the party couldn’t gather any support here.

Independent candidates won seats in general elections before state formation

The independent candidates have been able to win a few times before the state formation. Independent candidates had been able to win only in two general elections and one by-election. While the Lok Sabha elections in Uttarakhand have been a bipolar affair between the Congress and the BJP, this does not discourage independent candidates and regional parties from trying their luck.

Independent candidates have dominated the assembly elections

The political equations in assembly elections always displayed a different trend as 13 independent candidates registered victory in the five assembly elections of Uttarakhand. Three independent candidates won in the 2002 state elections, three in the 2007 elections, three in the 2012 elections, two in 2017 and two in 2022.

Despite bi-polar contest, independents kept trying their luck in LS polls

The continued loss in the electoral battle couldn’t dampen the spirit of independent candidates to be in fray in Lok Sabha elections. Four Lok Sabha elections have been held since the formation of the state. A total of 54 candidates were in the fray in the 2004 elections, out of which 18 were independent. There were 76 candidates in the fray in the 2009 elections, of which 29 were independent. In the 2014 election, out of 74 candidates, 27 were independent candidates and in the 2019 election, 21 out of 52 were independent candidates.

Independent candidates received less than 1% votes in 2019 polls

According to Election Commission data, the 21 independent candidates that contested the general elections in the state, could secure a little over 48,000 votes in total, which is merely 0.99% of the total votes. It clearly indicates that the riding the ‘Modi wave’ BJP, not only reduced the Congress vote share to only 31.4% but also relegated the independent candidates to only 0.99% votes polled in the state in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Independent candidate can make triangular contest on Haridwar seat

Independent MLA from Khanpur assembly constituency, Umesh Kumar has presented his candidature from Haridwar seat which can be an interesting triangle contest during 2024 LS polls. On Haridwar seat, BJP’s candidate and former Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and Congress candidate Virendra Rawat, also the son of former chief minister Harish Rawat, are in fray. Umesh Kumar has won the Khanpur assembly seat with a huge vote margin in 2022 so the triangular contest on Haridwar seat may be an interesting electoral battle this time.

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