AIIMS makes devices that can map entire human brain for surgical precision

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Neurosurgeons at AIIMS, New Delhi, have reportedly prepared a device allowing them to map an entire human brain, making it easy to identify and discover information about complex parts. Surgeon Dr Vivek Tandon of the AIIMS’ Neurosurgery Department told TV9 Bharatvarsh about the application of this device. He said that the device not only helps in surgery but also makes it easy to learn how to operate on serious diseases.

How does this device work?

The device is made up of different parts — some developed by AIIMS, some acquired by it, and some made in partnership. Dr Tandon explained that the device comes with a QR code, which allows you to get clear pictures of the inside of the brain with your phone. This learning experience makes it easy for students to understand the actual procedure inside the operation theatre.

As per the report, the device prepares a hologram image of the CT scans and then merges them into a 3D image, allowing you to explore the parts of the brain with ease. Dr Tandon told the publication that they have partnered with Microsoft for the simulation software.

Use cases

Talking to TV9, Dr Sarvesh Mishra of the AIIMS’ Neurosurgery Department said that the technique brings revolutionary changes in patient treatment. The objective of this initiative is to enhance the skills of neurosurgeons, elevate standards in medical practice and improve access to patient outcomes and services, Dr Mishra said.

“With new training modules and technologies, the goal of the Neurosurgery Department is to equip neurosurgeons with new techniques and promote a culture of continuous medical education,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Tandon said that doctors from abroad are also coming to AIIMS to learn this technique. Recently, doctors from Italy, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Maldives visited the institute for the technique.

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