Anupamaa’s Rupali Ganguly faces backlash over ‘auraton ko itna vella time’ remark

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New Delhi: TV actress Rupali Ganguly, in a recent interview, opened up about dealing with trolls on social media. While speaking to CNBC, the Sarabhai vs Sarabhai star revealed that even though users troll her on social media, what’s surprising is that most of them are women. Ever since its premiere in 2020, Anupamaa has been at the top of the TRP charts.

Rupali Ganguly talks about trolls

Speaking about dealing with trolls in the interview, the actress revealed, “Aree bahut troll karte hai and sadly it is the women only who troll. Auraton ko itna vella time kaha se hai? Koi ek doctor hai. Bloody some gynac, wo gaali deti rehti hai.”

The sheer arrogance and hypocrisy!
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Rupali clarified that if there’s no patient for her then she will provide her with the same. She further requested her trolls to put their brain in their work target rather than passing mean comments. She stated, “Kyun tere pas patient nahi hai bhai? Nahi hai toh bol bhejti hoon main tere pas, Kaam mein busy hoja, kahan dimag laga rahi hai?.”

Netizens react to Rupali Ganguly

After a snippet of the interview surfaced on Reddit, netizens couldn’t help but troll her even more on her statement. A user wrote, “why would anyone support her”. While another added, “The audacity! She literally built herself on the women that watch her show.” A third user wrote, “Aaj Tak samajh nahi aaya in logo k fans hain kaun aur kaha se aate hain.”

Rupaly Ganguly bashed by netizens

Last month, netizens bashed Rupali after a video of her went viral where she was touching her husband’s feet at the airport. She was accompanied by her son Rudraansh who followed her cue and touched his dad’s feet to take blessings. However, this did not sit well with some fans and they ended up trolling her.

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