‘Are you a surgeon?’: Mum’s query to daughter doing residency cracks netizens

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New Delhi: Despite having frequent conversations with parents, children are often faced with bizarre and funny questions from their parents. One girl took to social media after her mother texted her one such question. Netizens were amused and shared their thoughts.

Funny mother-daughter texts

Peris Castañeda, an X user, posted a screenshot that showed a chat window featuring a text from her mum. In the screenshot, Castañeda’s mother has asked, “Are you a surgeon?” Captioning the post, the woman wrote, “I’m 4 years into residency, and it suddenly occurred to my mom last week.” The post garnered hilarious comments.

Mother’s text to daughter amuses internet.
Image credit: @PerisCast/X

One wrote, “The good news is that you absolutely will be a surgeon (and with high distinction) in the ears of every one of your mother’s friends.” Another commented, “At least you have a good title for a book many years from now when you write about what working in medicine has taught you about life. ‘Are you a surgeon?’”

Netizens react to mother’s question

A third person claimed, “I have bad news for you, young lady. You will never be a surgeon to your mother; you will always be her little baby. Yes, it sucks. But you’re not likely to change it.”

Several people spoke of how it was common for parents to ask such questions. Some even recalled the specific questions they were asked. “My husband was a 4th-year ortho resident when his mom asked, ‘Are you still on your bone rotation?’” said one.

“This reminds me of that Asian parent ‘Are you doctor yet?” said one. Another said, “This is sooo cultural parents coded.” One netizen stated, “My mom told family and friends I was in a STEM program. I’m an accountant.”

Have you had such experiences?

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