Boney Kapoor CONFIRMS Janhvi Kapoor’s relationship with Shikhar Pahariya

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New Delhi: As Boney Kapoor gears up for the release of his upcoming film Maidaan, the producer took a moment to discuss his daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s speculated romance with Shikhar Pahariya. In a candid interview with Zoom, the Judaai producer shared his affection for Janhvi’s boyfriend, indicating a close bond despite the ups and downs in Janhvi’s love life.

Boney Kapoor confirms Janhvi Kapoor’s relationship

Expressing his fondness for Shikhar, Boney revealed, “I love him (Shikhar) and in fact, a couple of years back Janhvi was not seeing him but I was still friendly to him. I was convinced he can never be an ex. He’ll be around.”

Janhvi Kapoor and Shikar Pahariya

While Janhvi has not officially confirmed her relationship with Shikhar Pahariya, their public appearances together have sparked rumours. They have been seen enjoying meals, attending parties, and even holidaying together, including a trip to the Maldives. Shikhar’s presence at family events, such as Khushi Kapoor’s birthday bash and Anil Kapoor’s celebration, has added fuel to the speculation.

Who is Shikar Pahariya?

Shikhar Pahariya is the grandson of former Maharashtra Chief Minister Sushilkumar Shinde. He has been in the spotlight due to his association with Janhvi. Although their relationship status has been a topic of discussion, their bond seems to have endured challenges in the past, as hinted by Boney’s statements.

Boney Kapoor’s mom’s reaction to his feelings for Sridevi

Interestingly, the producer also reminisced about his own romantic journey, mentioning how his mother played a role in his relationship with late actress Sridevi. He shared an amusing incident from Raksha Bandhan when his mother asked Sridevi to tie him a rakhi, subtly acknowledging his feelings for her.

He said, “My mother could see (my feelings for Sridevi). On one of the Raksha Bandhans, she gave a thaali (puja plate) with Rakhi to Sridevi and asked her to tie me a Rakhi (laughs). Sridevi just went to the room and I told her, ‘Don’t worry, don’t bother, keep this thaali here.’ She didn’t understand what the rakhi was all about.”

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