Boney Kapoor’s weight loss transformation: Know foods effective for your journey

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New Delhi:Bollywood producer turned actor Boney Kapoor recently took up on Instagram about his weight loss journey. He shared one of his pictures from 2004 and now with a visible weight loss. On the left side of the collage, we can spot a throwback post from 2004 where Boney is posing alongside his late wife, actress Sridevi. On the right side, we can see Boney in his new lean avatar. This is surely an inspiring transformation.

The actor, recently seen in Tu Jhoothi Mein Makkar, lost 17 kgs till now, from 115 kg to 98 kgs. In an interview, he said that he followed the tips of his late wife. He reduced oily foods and started having gluten-free meals. He has quit sweets, eats low sodium foods throughout his journey but keeps up with the carbs for energy.

Weight loss is a journey that everyone wants to follow but somehow fails to strictly adhere it. According to the experts, weight loss does not really require complete fasting. There are a few foods that are tasty but low-calorie that helps one lose weight effectively.

Foods to eat for your weight loss journey

Eggs: This superfood is packed with nutrients and high in proteins that helps you feel full. In a study, researchers analysed 50 people with overweight or obesity. They found that eating eggs and buttered toast for breakfast, rather than cereal, milk, and orange juice.

Leafy greens: Foods like kale, spinach, contain nutrients that can help you keep satisfied. They have been linked with increased satiety and better appetite management.

Beans and legumes: Lentils, black beans, kidney beans can be helpful for weight loss. These foods are also high in protein and fibre that promotes fullness.

Nuts: Known as the healthiest snacks, nuts are high in heart-healthy fats and help improve metabolic health. These are also known to promote weight loss. But, as with any high fat food, it’s a good idea to be mindful of portion sizes when eating nuts and to eat only to the point of satiety.

Whole grains: Studies have proved that a diet rich in whole grains helps support healthy weight loss. They are loaded with fibre and are rich with proteins. Foods like oats, brown rice, quinoa help promote weight loss.

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