Boss tells man ‘you should go on holiday and relax’ after firing him

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New Delhi: Stories of inconsiderate and toxic bosses are quite popular on social media platforms. These incidents give an insight into the different mindsets of people and also the differences in their realities. One man took to Reddit to share a conversation he had with his boss just after he was informed he was getting laid off. The bizarre conversation left the internet puzzled.

Bad boss Reddit post

The man told Reddit users that his boss revealed he was going to another continent for a vacation just after telling him that he was fired. “Literally being laid off by the owner of the establishment and during the conversation, he mentions he’s going to another continent with his partner and children during the summer,” said the man. Further, the boss asked the man, “What are your plans for the summer, where are you going?”

A boss asked a man he had just fired to take a vacation.
Image credit: Reddit/Little_Emergency_418

The man responded, “Um nowhere.”

To make matters worse, the ignorant employer goes, “How come???? You should go on holiday! You seem really stressed! You’ve got to go somewhere and relax and treat your kids.”

The employee was stunned by the incident and wrote on Reddit, “You’ve literally told me I won’t have a job in a week. I genuinely can’t tell if he was being unbelievably stupid or was making fun of me. Either way wtf man?”

Netizens react to Reddit post

Netizens commented on the absurd event. One wrote, “I found a part-time call centre job once. This was back when call centres were office-based rather than remote work. The team leader had the balls to say he envied our part-time at-will status, as it meant we could go on holiday any time we liked. Different planet.” Another opined, “Sounds like your boss is a trust fund baby who came from family money. The more you succeed in your career, unfortunately, the more you’ll be surrounded by people like this.”

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