Cargo ship that rammed into Baltimore Bridge was staffed by all Indian crew

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Baltimore: The container ship that collided with Francis Scott Key Bridge bridge in US’ Baltimore on early Tuesday morning was manned entirely by a crew of Indians. There were 22 crew members on the ship all of whom were Indians. None of the crew members were injured in the incident. The same has been confirmed by the shipping company Maersk, that chartered the vessel.

Sharing details, ship management company Synergy Marine Group said in a statement, “All crew members, including the two pilots, have been accounted for and there are no reports of any injuries. There has also been no pollution. While the exact cause of the incident is yet to be determined, the “DALI” has now mobilised its Qualified Individual Incident Response service.”

Shipping company issues statement

As per a report by news agency AFP, several vehicles and close to twenty people are believed to have drowned into the Patapsco River after the vessel crashed into one of the pillars of the bridge. “We are horrified by what has happened in Baltimore, and our thoughts are with all of those affected”, the statement added further.

“We can confirm that the container vessel ‘DALI’, operated by charter vessel company Synergy Group, was time chartered by Maersk and was carrying Maersk customers’ cargo. No Maersk crew and personnel were onboard the vessel”, it said. According to authorities, while the US Coast Guard and local officials have been notified, the owners and mangers of the company are fully cooperating with government agencies.

Operators of the ship had lost power: Maryland Governor

Notably, the operators of the ship had lost power and issued a mayday call moments before the incident, enabling authorities to limit vehicle traffic, the Maryland Governor Wes Moore said. It is however still not clear what led to the incident.

According to Marine Traffic data, the traffic has currently been suspended in the Baltimore port At least nine cargo vessels that were to reach Baltimore have been anchored outside the port.

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