Chaitra Navratri 2024: Date, timing and info on Mata ki Sawari

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Mumbai: Chaitra Navratri, a significant Hindu festival, will begin on 9th April 2024 (Tuesday), according to the Hindu calendar. It marks the beginning of the nine-day festival dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Chaitra Navratri 2024

Chaitra Navratri typically starts from the Pratipada Tithi of the Shukla Paksha of the Chaitra month each year. The Pratipada Tithi will begin around 11:51 PM on 8th April this year. The official start of Chaitra Navratri will, however, be on 9th April, according to sunrise timings.

Mata ki Sawari

The Mata ki Sawari, the procession of the Goddess, holds immense significance during Navratri. The Goddess Durga is traditionally depicted riding different vehicles depending on what day of the week Navratri begins. As Navratri begins on Tuesday, Mata will ride a horse.

There is a deep symbolism behind Mata riding a horse this year. In Hindu beliefs, Mata riding a horse often represents significant social and political change. The horse symbolises intensity, warfare, and unrest, indicating potential upheavals in these realms.

In 2023, Chaitra Navratri also started on a Tuesday, leading to notable political shifts globally. The correlation has led to speculation about potential changes in the coming year. Mata’s procession on a horse signifies transformative times, but it also hints at challenges common citizens may face, such as calamities caused by natural disasters and political turmoil.

During Chaitra Navratri, Mata’s symbolic procession on a horse reminds us of the dynamic nature of life and the possibility of change. The festival is a time for reflection, prayer, and seeking blessings for a prosperous and peaceful future.

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