Dalit student in Rajasthan’s Alwar brutally assaulted while trying to drink water from hand pump

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New Delhi: In a disturbing incident that occurred on Saturday, a Dalit student was brutally assaulted by a local bully while attempting to quench his thirst at a hand pump on the premises of a school. The distressing event unfolded in Mangleshpur village in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

Upon learning of the incident, the victim’s parents promptly intervened, intending to confront the aggressor. However, their efforts were met with threats of violence from the accused and his family, worsening the already dire situation. Adding to the gravity of the situation, the school principal failed to acknowledge the severity of the matter, deferring responsibility to police authorities. The response further compounded the distress experienced by the victim and his family.

According to the account provided by the victim’s father in the report filed at the Ramgarh police station, the incident occurred when his son, Chirag, a fourth-grade student, had gone to the school to study at 9 am. At approximately 10 am, while experiencing thirst, Chirag approached the hand pump located within the school compound to access water.

Altercation and assault

The accused, a fellow villager, was present at the pump, filling water from an adjacent bucket. An altercation ensued when Chirag inadvertently displaced the bucket while attempting to access water, triggering the assailant’s wrath. The assailant proceeded to physically assault Chirag while hurling derogatory caste-based abuses at him. Following the altercation, the victim’s family confronted the assailant’s family, only to be met with further threats and intimidation.

Police case registered

Sawai Singh, the officer in charge at the Ramgarh police station, confirmed that a formal complaint had been lodged by the victim’s father, leading to the registration of a case. The victim, meanwhile, is receiving medical treatment at a local hospital, while police have initiated efforts to apprehend the accused perpetrator.

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