Daniel Balaji passes away due to a heart attack; how to help a patient after a cardiac event?

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New Delhi: Tamil actor Daniel Balaji passed away on Friday after suffering from a heart attack. He was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai after reportedly complaining of chest pains. The 48-year-old passed away despite being given treatment. Soon after the news broke, his fans and friends took to social media to express shock and also pay tribute to him. Director Mohan Raja, too, penned a post on X.

“Such a Sad news, He Was an inspiration for me to join film institute, A very good friend, Miss working with him, May his soul rest in peace,” wrote Mohan Raja.

Such a Sad news
He Was an inspiration for me to join film institute
A very good friend
Miss working with him
May his soul rest in peace #RipDanielbalaji https://t.co/TV348BiUNJ

— Mohan Raja (@jayam_mohanraja) March 29, 2024

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack is a medical emergency wherein the blood supply to the heart gets disrupted due to a blockage in one of the arteries. This condition can be particularly fatal if one fails to get immediate medical attention. Earlier, it used to be a cause of concern in the elderly living with high cholesterol or hypertension or other chronic heart conditions. However, since the Covid pandemic kicked off, heart attacks started to occur at a relatively younger age – as young as 13 years of age.

What to do when one suffers a heart attack?

Being a medical emergency, a heart attack is one that requires immediate medical attention. Delay can also lead to death. Lack of blood and oxygen supply to the heart can cause heart muscles to die and suffer irreversible damage. It is advised to call an ambulance immediately and seek medical help. If an ambulance takes time to arrive, try giving CPR. If you are not trained in giving CPR, try these steps:

Push hard first on the chest – 100-120 compressions in a minute
Start with 30 chest compressions, and give rescue breaths

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

The symptoms of heart attack are:

Cold sweats
Chest pain
Chest tightness, pressure in the chest
Pain in the arms, shoulders, neck, back, jaws, teeth or upper belly

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