Delhi High Court asks DDA to carry out deer census in ‘Deer Park’

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New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday asked the Delhi Development Authority to conduct a census of spotted deer in ‘Deer Park’ located in the Hauz Khas area in the national capital.

High Court was hearing a plea against CZA decision to cancel recognition of ‘Deer Park’ as a “mini zoo”

A bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Manmohan and Justice Manmeet PS Arora was hearing a plea filed by petitioner New Delhi Nature Society regarding the translocation of deer from ‘Deer Park’ following the cancellation of its recognition as a “mini zoo” by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA).

What did the High Court say?

The bench suggested that some of deer may be translocated to other green areas of the city if the existing facility was overburdened, observing that observed that there are several “city forests” like Jahanpanah where excess deer could be relocated while the ‘Deer Park’ continued to house at least 50 of them.

“Children residing in the city get to see them. Why do you want to deprive Delhiites of this facility? Don’t do away with this facility,” the bench said.

What did the petitioner submit?

During the hearing, the counsel for the petitioner urged the bench to direct the DDA to provide data on population of deer, submitting that the basis for cancellation of the recognition of ‘Deer Park’ as “mini zoo” was “population explosion” among deer in ‘Deer Park’

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The bench agreed for the same and directed the DDA to conduct a deer population census.

“The DDA is directed to carry out a census of the deer population at the zoo after categorising them into male, female, sub-adults and juveniles, and provide a chart depicting the total population as on date,” the High Court ordered, news agency PTI reported.

High Court earlier ordered to maintain status quo with respect to translocation of deer

The CZA had cancelled the recognition of ‘Deer Park’ as a “mini zoo” on June 8 last year and after the matter reached the High Court, the High Court in December last year had directed authorities to maintain status quo with respect to translocation of spotted deer from the ‘Deer Park’.

“Rajasthan jungle has too many leopards. They will not survive there. Retain at least 50 (in the park). At least, children can go and see some deer,” the bench had said and had added, “In the meantime, maintain status quo. Don’t shift them.”

The ‘Deer Park’ comes under the jurisdiction of the DDA and is officially known as AN Jha Deer Park and is a popular picnic spot and a hangout zone in the national capital.

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