‘Delhi’s 2 crore people are my family’: Wife Sunita reads out another message of jailed Arvind Kejriwal

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New Delhi: Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of incarcerated Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, read out his message he sent from jail for all legislators.

In his message, Arvind Kejriwal said, “I am in jail. But because of this, no resident of Delhi should face any problem. Every legislator should regularly visit their areas and ask the people if they were facing any problem. If there’s any problem, it should be redressed. Not just about the problems related to the government department, but the other problems that the people are reeling under should be attended to.”

He also said, “Delhi’s 2 crore people are my family. No member of my family should be unhappy because of any reason.”

As Sunita Kejriwal read out the message, the picture of Arvind Kejriwal could be seen in the background.

Message at INDIA bloc rally

On March 31, Sunita Kejriwal had read out a message from her husband at the INDIA bloc rally.

The message read, “My dear fellow Indians. Accept greetings from your son, your brother from jail. I am not asking you to vote for me in the upcoming elections. I am not even asking to make anyone winner or loser. I am seeking cooperation of all 1.4 billion people of this country to build a Bada Bharat (greater India).”

“I am here in jail, where I have a lot of time to think. I think for Mother India. Mother India is crying due to pain.”

In her address, Sunita Kejriwal called Arvind Kejriwal a “lion”. She said, “Your Kejriwal is a lion, they won’t be able to keep him in jail for very long…”

Sanjay Singh meets Sunita Kejriwal

On Wednesday night, AAP) leader Sanjay Singh met Sunita Kejriwal at the CM’s residence after he walked out of Tihar Jail.

In a video, Sanjay Singh could be seen seeking blessings of Sunita Kejriwal. Singh’s wife also accompanied him.

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