Diabetes: How to use cinnamon to reduce high blood sugar?

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New Delhi: Cinnamon or dalcheeni is often used to enhance the flavour of desserts and even tea. And this incredible ingredient has a warming effect as well which makes it an unmissable wonder for winter. Many times, in curries and biryanis, it is used in whole form – but ever wondered what health benefits it might have to offer? According to doctors and even studies, it has anti-tumour, anti-cancer and even anti-diabetic properties. A chronic condition, diabetes, across all its forms, is associated with blood sugar spikes that can be deadly if not managed well. Read on to know how you can use cinnamon to manage diabetes.

How does cinnamon help diabetes patients?

Diabetes is a consequence of insulin resistance. This is a state wherein the body loses its ability to respond to insulin well – a hormone that helps the cells absorb sugar in the form of energy. As a result, sugar accumulates in blood leading to complications – and this can be curbed by cinnamon. Studies show that insulin is a natural insulin sensitier that helps people with type-2 and type-1 diabetes, prediabetes as well. It is proved effective in curbing fasting blood sugar spikes. While the reduction in HbA1c levels was not significant enough, it still had a positive effect on health.

How much cinnamon should diabetics consume?

According to studies, the dosage of cinnamon is of utmost importance to reap maximum benefits. While there are no fixed guidelines, 1-2 grams of cinnamon extract spread over 2-3 doses is said to be effective. It should be consumed 15 minutes before a meal.

How to make cinnamon tea at home?

Cinnamon tea can be prepared in the following way:

Boil a glass of water
Add 2-3 pinches of cinnamon powder and boil it for 2-5 minutes
Once water turns reddish-brown, turn off the flame
Cool it a little and then drink

Experts say that the best time to drink cinnamon tea is first thing in the morning or 15 minutes before breakfast, lunch or dinner. But be mindful while using it with medication to avoid any side effects.

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