Do you know what kind of metal the Eiffel Tower is made of?

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New Delhi: The Eiffel Tower is a grand old and iconic engineering marvel that has become a significant landmark for the city of Paris, France. Considered to be the tallest man-made structure until 1930, this engineering marvel was officially inaugurated on March 31, 1889. To remember this special day and to honour the efforts of those behind this grand structure, March 31 is annually observed as Eiffel Tower Day. Representing the legacy and historic beauty of France, the tower was erected by Gustave Eiffel. On this special occasion of Eiffel Tower Day, let’s take a look at a special phenomenon used by the engineer to keep this ironic tower safe from weather change. In addition to the special design, the manufacturers used a special quality of iron, well known as puddle iron.

Know more about puddle iron

The grand Eiffel Tower was constructed using puddle iron instead of steel. The plates and iron bars used in the structure were imported from the Pompey forges (East of France) and assembled in the Eiffel factories in Levallois Perret using rivets before being used in the tower. Following that, the bars and plates were taken to the construction site to be mounted in the tower. This unique system allowed the developers to construct the tower in a record time of two years, two months and five days.

What is the puddling procedure?

Puddling is a refining process that was used to eliminate the excess carbon when the ore was melted. This procedure helps to extract almost pure iron. According to Gustave Eiffel, the engineer of the Eiffel Tower, iron extracted through the puddling procedure was the best and most robust of the materials at the time of the construction of the tower.

What protect the tower from corrosion?

Additionally, to protect the tower from corrosion, the iron bars and plates used in the massive structure are coated with a thick layer of paint that has to be renewed every seven years. The idea of repainting the tower was suggested by Gustave Eiffel himself, which is still being followed. The thick coat of paint protects the tower from harsh weather conditions.

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