‘Don’t be jokers’: Man slams tourists on safari for ‘foolishness’

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Dehradun: Despite tourists being warned of the potential dangers during jungle safaris, many continue to take it casually. One man took to social media to share a picture of a group of foolish tourists who completely disregarded safety norms during a safari in Dehradun.

Viral Dehradun jungle safari post

Anand Sankar, a local resident, posted a picture without revealing the faces of the careless tourists. He said that they refused to listen to anybody and chose to sit in a dangerous position throughout the safari. The man wrote, “3 x tourists + 1 child and 1 tiger at the safari yesterday. I was very tempted to face-shame all the tourists in this post. All the drivers + guides + ME repeatedly told the tourists to not sit like that and hold the child.”
Further, Sankar explained, “The tourists refused to listen. Instead, the tourist holding the child was almost about to abuse me before our driver moved on. The tiger will barely take a second to leap that distance. Even a mock charge will make you lose your balance if the gypsy moves suddenly. Accidents like these will mean the government will just ban safaris, and we will lose whatever little access to wildlife that we currently have.”

A group of tourists faced backlash for refusing to follow safety norms during a jungle safari.
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In his post, Sankar also explained drivers and guides are left to bear the brunt in case of any mishaps. “Worse of some tourist fatality happens, poor guides + drivers have to face police cases that last year’s! Tourists treat them like ‘naukars’ they say and are forced to hear choicest of abuses when they tell tourists to behave appropriately,” wrote the man.
The post garnered several comments.

Social media reactions

“I feel all these jungle safaris should be banned. We are disturbing their natural habitats and polluting the environment for our pleasure. If you want to see tigers go to the zoo,” said one. A second person stated, “When I saw this pic, the first thing I remembered was about a kid that was sitting in her grandfather’s lap snatched by a Tiger in Bannerghatta Safari Park, Bangalore in 1992.”

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