Drunk woman catches guard’s collar, accuses him of being her boyfriend’s spy

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Noida: One drunk woman lost her calm and misbehaved with a security guard. She accused the man of spying on her on behalf of her boyfriend. The video of the incident is going viral on social media.

A woman in an inebriated state attacked a security guard in her building. She held his collar accusing him of being her boyfriend’s spy. In the video posted on X by @gharkekalesh, the woman is heard asking, “Paise deta Hai Na Terko..Paise deta Hai Na Daily.” She is seen trying her best to get a confession out of him. Later, the intoxicated woman goes on to remove the guard’s cap and throw. Meanwhile, another man is seen filming the incident.

Drunk woman catches a guard’s collar

The clip was captioned, “Kalesh b/w Drunk Lady and a Guard (Lady grabs Guard’s Collar Accusing Him To Be Informant Of Boyfriend in Noida UP) (sic).”

Kalesh b/w Drunk Lady and a Guard (Lady grabs Guards Collar Accusing Him To Be Informant Of Boyfriend in Noida UP)
🎥: Reddit: u/westernlengthiness93

— Ghar Ke Kalesh (@gharkekalesh) March 20, 2024

Netizens were quick to comment on the clip. They lashed out at the woman for her behaviour and questioned her audacity to attack the guard. One asked, “Is this the way to talk to the guard?” A second person commented, “Seeing all this it seems why the government does not constitute a men’s commission?”

Netizens react to Noida woman attacking guard

Another individual said, “This is absurd…. Nowadays women are so rude, they think that they can slap anyone whom they want… They themselves are losing their own respect day by day.” One netizen opined, “Girl is misbehaving with a security guard and he is intentionally standing with his hand at back. This is happening because of gender-biased laws that favor women. We need gender-neutral laws in India.”

Some netizens were keen to know if any action was taken against the woman. One wrote, “Any action against the lady?”

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