Father continuously complains about son’s homework, gets arrested

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Ohio: It is quite common for children to come home from school with assignments to do. Well, one father was annoyed with the amount of homework his son had. He repeatedly called the school and even the police to complain about his son’s after-school work. Eventually, he was arrested.

Adam Sizemore, a father from Ohio, was upset with the amount of homework his son had to do. Consequently, the man called Kramer Elementary School and asked Principal Jason Merz to take action. However, it didn’t go well. Sizemore called the school multiple times to the point that they stopped answering his calls.

Father calls school multiple times to complain about his son’s homework

Well, that did not discourage the man from complaining about the same thing over and over again. Frustrated with the school’s approach, Sizemore thought his best bet was to call the cops. Little did he know, he was inviting trouble.

The man rang up the Oxford police department about 18 times in just one hour. His frustration grew as he could not get on a call with the police chief. The annoyed father then told the cops that he would expect the chief to visit him.

Police arrest father for constantly calling school and police station about son’s homework

Soon after, cops arrived at Sizemore’s door and arrested him for telecommunications harassment and menacing. Speaking of the case, Detective Sergeant Adam Price of the Oxford Police Department, said, “It was disruptive. This is a K-5 school, so there is not an abnormal amount of homework.”

Though Sizemore denied charges, he can face up to six months in prison and a fine for each of the harassment charges. The father also told Today.com, “I’m a single dad of a boy and a girl, and I’m just trying to do the best I can, and that’s all I can do.” He added, “People make mistakes.”

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