Flipkart apologises but refuses refund after man receives stones instead of Rs 22,000 smartphone

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New Delhi:A man in Ghaziabad placed an order for a smartphone valued at Rs 22,000 through Flipkart on March 28. To his dismay, upon unboxing the package delivered on the same day, he found neatly packed stones instead of the expected smartphone. Despite his efforts to return the package, the company declined his request for a refund or exchange.

“A Ghaziabad resident claims he ordered a mobile phone worth Rs22,000 through Flipkart but instead received stones! The victim claims the courier refuses to take back the parcel. So much so for online shopping,” reads the caption to the picture shared on X.

The man ordered the Infinix Zero 30 5G during the Golden Hour promotion, opting for the model with 256 GB of storage. Take a look at the post shared on X here:

Flipkart’s apology and advice

Flipkart apologised and wrote, “We’d never want you to get anything but what you ordered and are extremely sorry about this instance. To assist you further, kindly provide us with your order details via private chat so that they remain confidential here. Awaiting your response.”

The company additionally advised customers against engaging with social media accounts posing as their official handles. “Please do not respond to fake social media handles impersonating our brand to safeguard your interactions.”

Man gets fake iPhone 15

Last month, a user on X alleged that they received a fake iPhone 15 from Amazon. The post included a picture of the purported product, igniting a debate about the authenticity of items sold on the platform. The incident unfolded when a user known as Gabbar shared a photo of the iPhone 15 they had received, alongside a message indicating an issue with the Photos app.

Expressing frustration, Gabbar wrote, “Waah! Amazon delivered a Fake iPhone 15. The seller is Appario, labeled as ‘Amazon Choice.’ No cable included. Complete disappointment. Has anyone else encountered this problem?” The post rapidly gained momentum, resonating with a wide audience and garnering around a million views.

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