From Racehorse to Dog: List of expensive animals sold

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New Delhi: We have seen auctions for all kinds of things, from jewellery to clothes and paintings. The fascinating animal kingdom has diverse species, each with unique characteristics and beauty. Some animals stand out for their rarity or beauty and astonishing price tags. The market is full of people who love to collect expensive things from around the globe.

A Nelore breed cow in Brazil was sold for Rs 40 crore, but other animals have been sold at different auctions. Let us find out through this article.

List of expensive animals sold

Racehorse – The Green Monkey
Dog – Tibetan Mastiff
Fish – Bluefin Tuna
Bird – Pigeon
Cat – Savannah
Yorkshire Boar


Green Monkey, a thoroughbred racehorse, was sold for $16 million in the 2006 auction. The horse was considered an exceptional and potentially lucrative asset within the racing industry.


The Tibetan Mastiff is the most expensive dog, with a recorded price of $1.9 million. The dog has been sold for the highest recorded amount of money, reflecting its highly perceived value and demand among enthusiasts or collectors.


In Japan, Bluefin Tuna, one of the world’s most expensive fish, was sold for $3.1 million. Because of its rarity, it becomes costly.


In 2019, Armando, a Racing Pigeon, was sold for $1.4 million, making it the most expensive pigeon ever. The price tag that Armando got signifies the immense demand and perceived worth of this particular bird among pigeon enthusiasts and breeders.


The most expensive cat, a Savannah cat, was priced at $25,000, meaning the population being studied, the Savannah cat breed commands a significantly higher price than other cat breeds.


Deveronvale Perfection, the most expensive sheep, was sold for approximately $492,039. The seep holds a significant market value and surpasses the prices of other sheep. It was sold due to various factors, such as the breed’s rarity, exceptional genetic qualities, or potential for producing offspring with desirable traits.


Cheetah, not the big cat, but a Chimpanzee, was once valued at a $60,000 purchase price. The value reflects the perceived worth of owning a Cheetah and suggests that the chimpanzee may have been considered valuable due to various factors.


In the world of livestock auctions, just recently, a Nelore cow named Viatina-19 FIV Mara Imoveis made history by becoming the most expensive cow ever sold. It was fetched for $4.8 million, equivalent to Rs 40 crore, at an auction in Brazil.


Pigs are becoming more popular as pets, and a pig sold at an auction is not a pet. In 2014, a Yorkshire boar (a male pig) was sold at auction for $270,000. The Yorkshire, or Large White, was initially bred for bacon but rose to prominence in the lean-meat category through the 1900s.

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