Grow fresh mint at home easily with stem cuttings

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New Delhi: Did you ever grow mint at home? Mint also known as Pudina is very easy to grow in a small pot and doesn’t require much care. There are two ways to grow mint from a cutting: one from a stem and the other from roots.
Mint/pudina is a popular herb used in cooking and herbal medicine. It has a unique aroma and flavour that can enhance the taste of various dishes. Mint is used in a variety of dishes, including salads, soups, curries, chutneys, and drinks. It offers several health benefits and is used in herbal medicine to treat various ailments. It contains menthol, which has a cooling effect and can help soothe the digestive system. Mint also has natural pest-repelling properties that can help keep insects and rodents away from the garden. Here’s how to grow mint from the pudina that you get from your vegetable vendor!

Grow Mint at Home | Image Credit: Canva

Procedure to grow mint/pudina at home

Select 8 – 10 healthy stems
Remove the bottom leaves, leave only the top most leaves
There will be tiny leaves at each node. Do not cut them. Only bigger leaves to be removed. These tiny leaves will quickly grow as the roots develop
Make a cut below the node
Once the cuttings are ready, place them in water
Make sure that you put Atleast 2-3 nodes in water to increase the chances of rooting
Rinse the roots and change water everyday
You will see the top most leaves will wilt for some of the stems and topmost part becomes droopy. Cut off the wilted leaves and any droopy parts. By this time, the small leaves will start showing growth ensuring adequate photosynthesis
Roots will start appearing in 2-3 days
Transplant around 10th day. The longer they stay in water, the more are the chances of transplant shock
Keep it in shade for few days
Once it’s settled, put it in a sunny spot

Try this easy method to grow lots of mint and keep a continuous supply of it at home.

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