Influencer exposes fake cop scam in viral video; shares how it scares people

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New Delhi: In recent times, financial scams have become rampant, despite repeated awareness messages and warnings. Charanjeet Kaur, an influencer took to Instagram to share her experience of a fake cop scam on social media. She warned the public of such frauds and spoke of how presence of mind can save one from becoming a victim.

Charanjeet Kaur shares fake cop scam video

In the video posted online, Kaur is seen talking to imposters posing as police officers. One of the men said that he was an inspector from the Delhi Police and claimed that her “sister” Charanjeet Kaur had been arrested for blackmailing a minister’s son. The man also demanded Rs 20,000 for her release. Kaur, who right away realized it was a scam, confronted the man and told him that she was the supposedly arrested sister.

The woman, who smartly avoided getting scammed, captioned the video, “Police ki dp dekhke log aise moments mei bhot dar jaate hain fir jald baazi mei bina soche smjhe paise transfer kardete hai and isi chakkaar mei fraud ka shikaar ban jaate hain. (People get scared at such moments after seeing the police picture, then they quickly transfer the money without thinking and thus become victims of fraud).”

New scam

Many commented on the video. One commented, “It’s not a matter to laugh off, it’s serious, how are they getting these numbers and details of our family ??! They can even track us too, guys beware and immediately report these numbers on the CyberCrime portal.” Another person recalled, “I also got such calls for my brother and my brother was sitting with me.” A third netizen stated, “Same thing has happened to me. I was told that my father had an accident. They brought him to the hospital. But wanted to make a payment at the hospital. Said that my father had given us your number.”

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