Inspector Rishi ending explained: Is Vanaratchi real?

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New Delhi: Amazon Prime Video’s latest Tamil series, Inspector Rishi is an intriguing blend of supernatural elements and modern crime drama. The show follows Inspector Rishi Nandhan’s investigation into a series of murders connected to the mysterious forest spirit, Vanaratchi, in the Thaenkaadu forest near Coimbatore. As the series unravels, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster of suspense and revelation.

Inspector Rishi plot summary

The story of Inspector Rishi begins twenty years before the present in a small village community residing in the Thaenkaadu forest, some 50 kilometres from Coimbatore, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The villagers perform a sacrifice ritual setting the stage for the following eerie events. Twenty years later, Rishi Nandhan, a dedicated police officer, is tasked with unravelling the mysteries surrounding a string of murders in the same area.

However, Rishi grapples with his past traumas and tries to bounce back into the force after he loses one of his eyes and his fiancée Viji in a tragic incident.

The narrative delves into the local belief in Vanaratchi, a forest spirit with vengeful tendencies, believed to be responsible for the deaths. However, as Rishi delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a web of deceit, revenge, and environmental activism that challenges his understanding of reality.

Is Vanaratchi Real?

One of the central questions throughout the series is the existence of Vanaratchi. While sightings and encounters with the creature abound, the ultimate revelation points to a human conspiracy rather than a supernatural entity.

The mastermind behind the murders is Sathya, a forest ranger seeking retribution for his tribe’s tragic past. Sathya and his accomplices, including characters like Kathy and Mangai, use elaborate methods involving hallucinogens and natural poisons to create the illusion of Vanaratchi’s wrath.

Inspector Rishi ending explained

In the finale, Inspector Rishi utilises an antidote to counteract the herbal poison and manages to survive. Along with his team, he successfully arrests Kathy and his cohorts, while Sathya meets a tragic demise, pierced by a metal rod during an explosion.

The existence of the Vanaratchi, responsible for the killings, is largely debunked. However, the initial murder of truck driver Bala remains a mystery. While it’s suggested that guilt may have led to hallucinations of the creature, Inspector Rishi ponders the notion that a nature-protecting supernatural entity could certainly exist in the forest.

Inspector Rishi ending

The series concludes with Rishi reflecting on his encounter with the monster, its non-human appearance leaving lingering questions. Despite this, Rishi opts not to delve further into the matter and instead chooses to move on after putting the culprits behind bars.

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