International Carrot Day 2024: What are various types of carrot found across the globe?

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New Delhi: Carrots are reddish vegetables and are well-know for their versatile role. It can be consumed raw as salad or cooked along with other vegetables. It plays a significant role in maintaining the nutritional balance in the human body. Thus, to highlight and raise awareness about the importance of consuming carrots and their positive impact on health, a special day has been dedicated to this highly nutritional vegetable and April 4 is globally observed as International Carrot Day. The day encourages people to include carrots in their diets and also serves platforms for talented cooks to share various recipes and ways to consume carrots.

Though it is very common to imagine carrots in red colour, this highly nutritional vegetable is also available in orange colour. However, this is less-popular than that of the red one. The colour, shape and size of this vegetable varies depending on its varieties. There are various types of carrots cultivated depending on the fertility of the soil. Here we will take a look at three broad categories of carrots.

Varieties of carrot found across the globe

Serial Number
Types of carrot

Yellow carrots



Candysnax carrots


Carrot varieties

Dragon carrots

Red Cored Chantenay

Deep purple hybrid

Little Fingers

Imperator: As the name suggests, the Imperator-type carrots are impressive in looks and taste, with high sugar content. They have very long roots and can grow up to 10 inches long. While its colour is attractive, its sweet taste makes it perfect for even raw consumption. This variety needs to be grown in very loose, deep soil so that it can attain its full potential.

Danvers: Danvers is another variant of carrot which is basically known as a generic carrot. These carrots have round shoulders with pointed ends and are a well-known deep orange colour. These are medium-length carrot that can grow up a length of around 6 to 7 inches. They can grow even in tougher soil as compared to Imperator carrot.

Nantes: This type of carrot is perfectly cylindrical with a round shoulder as well as a round base. It has near-red colour flesh that is sweet in flavour. Additionally, it has a nice crunch and is highly preferred for juicing and fresh eating. Scarlet Nantes is considered as the oldest and most widely known variety of this type.

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