Jailed gangster Mukhtar Ansari suffers heart attack, admitted to medical college

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Banda: Gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari suffered a sudden heart attack on Thursday night. Ansari, who is currently lodged in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda jail, was shifted to a medical college for urgent treatment following the incident.

According to sources, despite continuous monitoring by a panel of three doctors within the jail premises, Ansari’s health showed no signs of improvement following which he was shifted to the medical college.

Mukhtar Ansari’s health condition deteriorates

On March 27 in the afternoon, Ansari was swiftly taken from Banda jail to the medical college, where it was revealed that his condition was critical. He was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and placed on a ventilator for treatment. Subsequently, supporters and family members, including his brother Afzal Ansari and son Omar Ansari, rushed to Banda, but were not permitted to meet with Ansari.

The medical college administration issued periodic health bulletins regarding Ansari’s condition, stating that he remained in critical condition while receiving treatment in the ICU. After 16 hours in the ICU, Ansari was discharged with an improvement in his health. A panel of three doctors was assigned to continuously monitor his health within the jail premises.

Concerns over Ansari’s well-being escalated after his lawyer filed an application in the Barabanki court, alleging that Ansari was being subjected to slow poisoning through his food in Banda jail. Following the lawyer’s application, when attempts were made to produce Ansari via video conferencing, the jail administration failed to do so, leading to the suspension of the jailer and two deputy jailers.

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