‘Just insane’: Balenciaga sells tape bracelet for over Rs 33k, netizens shocked

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New Delhi: High fashion brands have positioned themselves in the market such that anything that they sell has a whole different value even if it looks like something ordinary or bizarre. Balenciaga, the popular luxury brand, has come up with a bracelet and commoners on social media are running out of words to describe their true feelings about the jewellery.

Balenciaga’s tape-inspired bracelet

The latest Balenciaga creation is a bracelet that exactly resembles a clear packing tape that you can easily find in stationery shops. Well, there’s more. The tape is priced at a whopping Rs 33,000. The bizarre creation was launched earlier this month during the Paris Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection.

Balenciaga launched a tape-inspired bracelet.
Image credit: @justepicthings/X

However, it became a hot topic online after media brandHighsnobiety uploaded a reel and TikTok video featuring the piece of jewellery.

Netizens react to Balenciaga’s tape bracelet

Since then many have taken to social media to express their opinions on the product. One wrote, “I swear the fashion companies just set out to see who the idiots are. A bracelet that looks like tape. Balenciaga is wylin. Tf? This is worth $4000? Geez!” Another person commented, “I love on brand stuff. Balenciaga selling tape rolls and calling them either bracelets or bangles for $3k+ fits perfectly. The fashion industry remains unmatched.”

A third person stated, “There is no marketing strategy that beats brand image! The way you position your brand really speaks a lot about what you sell. This newly released bracelet from Balenciaga would be considered a trash or just the regular tape if it were a regular business!.” Another netizen stated, “‘The luxury fashion house Balenciaga has once again sparked debate with its latest accessory, a bracelet designed to resemble a roll of clear tape, complete with the brand’s logo and a hefty price tag of approximately $4,000! This is just insane.”

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