Khoon choos rahe hain: Gurugram CEO criticises 5-star hotel paying intern Rs 2000

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Gurugram: A CEO took to X to rant about a 5-star hotel paying Rs 2,000 to an intern. Rajesh Sawhney shared that he recently went for a startup meetup at Le Meridien in Gurugram where he had had a conversation with an intern.

“A young lobby manager approached me with an intent to help… we got chatting a bit. This boy is from Dehradoon, a graduate from the local catering college and interning for the last 3 months,” Rajesh said.

He added, “Le Meridien pays him just Rs 2000/- per month. This is disgusting… how can he even survive in this amount in Gurugram. Khoon Choose Rahein Hain Bachon Ka.”

Viral tweet

Gurugram CEO rants about 5-star hotel paying intern Rs 2000 | Image: X

Netizens react

The tweet has gone viral on the microblogging platform, garnering more than 2.45 lakh views. Netizens took to the comments section to share their thoughts. While some users were shocked with the stipend, others said that free internships also give free valuable experience.

Netizens react to internship stipend

One user said, “Well if you wish to learn and you are not paying .. that is good enough .. khoon to education Dene Wale choos rahe Hain .. education dete nahin , skill badhate nahin aur Paisa bhi lete hain.” Another wrote, “Many are interning for free in industries like retail, many startups just pay travel expense. Welcome to internship reality in India.”

A third user added, “Absolutely shameless! This is ridiculously below minimum wages. Internship or not.” Someone commented, “Absolutely heartbreaking! It’s unacceptable that hardworking individuals like him are being paid such meager amounts. The cost of living in Gurugram is no joke, and Rs 2000/month barely covers basic expenses.”

A fifth user posted, “I might be a bit old school here … but if I want to learn something and there is someone or some organisation who I feel can teach will happily intern for free (and there are many things I want to learn even at my advanced age).” Yet another added, “Internship also means free valuable experience. It’s a hotel so he will get free meals which most work places don’t provide. Internship in hotels is a win win for both parties. BTW everyone crying here about the pay are the same people who complain how expensive hotels are.”

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