Man asks if it is okay for him to marry for money, internet has mixed reactions

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New Delhi: When people are looking for partners, one of the major factors that they consider is money. It comes from the want of financial stability and to secure their future. And often, it is acceptable for women to seek partners who are financially stable and earn more than them. In India, the case might not be the same for men. A man took to Reddit to ask if it is okay to marry for money.

Viral Reddit post

“I (M) have been thinking lately about what if I get married to a single woman of mid to late 30s (or some middle-aged woman irrespective of their relationship status) who is financially independent, stable and has good savings,” the man’s Reddit post reddit.

Netizens react

As soon as the man’s Reddit post went viral, several netizens jumped to share their opinions about the same. “There is nothing wrong to marry a girl who earns more than you but as an jobless 26 years old guy in home here is my advice I have 2 year younger brother earns 80,000 per month when I go to mall and watch movies with my brother he fully pays including popcorn and snacks after movie ends when we go look for good restaurant for lunch and I personally love American fast food like McDonalds or KFC but I can’t make choice or convince my brother to go for KFC because he only pays money so only based on his choice I can have lunch with him,” one user commented.

“I would consider it wrong…But…Just like women justify its for future economic reliability…I see nothing wrong in a man doing the same,” another user commented. “As a woman, your expectations seem totally fine. Financially stable with good savings is a very basic criteria. Especially for a woman in her late 30’s. If you’re marrying just for money, you have bigger problems. But as a standalone criteria, it’s fine,” yet another person wrote.

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