Man finds SBI shares worth Rs 500 bought in 1994, it’s value increased 750X

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Mumbai: One man stumbled upon shares purchased by his grandparents in 1994. The man took to X to share the power of holding equity and the shares’ current valuation. His post is going viral on social media.

Dr. Tanmay Motiwala took to X to tell netizens that he came across a share certificate from the State Bank of India. The certificate belonged to his grandparents who had bought SBI shares worth Rs 500 in 1994.

Man finds SBI shares bought in 1994

Sharing the photo of the certificate, he wrote, “The power of holding equity My grandparents had purchased SBI shares worth 500 Rs in 1994. They had forgotten about it. In fact, they had no idea why they purchased it and if they even held it. I found some such certificates while consolidating my family’s holdings in a place. (Already had sent for converting them to Demat).”

Man discovers SBI shares bought by his grandparents in 1994.
Image credit: @Least_ordinary/X

Man finds Rs 500 SBI shares bought in 1994.
Image credit: @Least_ordinary/X

The post gained traction and people were keen to know the current valuation of the stocks.
In the thread, Motiwala further stated, “So many people asked about its valuation currently? It is around 3.75L excluding dividends. Not a big amount but yeah 750x in 30 years. Indeed is big.”
He added, “How did I convert my family stock certificates into demat? Seems like so many people are facing this issue. We actually took the help of an advisor/ consultant. Because the process itself is very painful and long ( There may be spelling errors in name, address, signature mismatch etc etc) Even with an advisor it took time but we have been able to do it for the majority of certificates. Charges? They are variable for different advisors. We chose it based on his availability in our home town. What am I planning to do with it? Keep holding it. No need for cash right now.”

Netizens react to SBI shares purchased in 1994

Netizens took to X to share their thoughts. Some thought that man’s valuation may be incorrect. One wrote, “How it is 3.75L ? You have 50 shares, let’s say per share price is 750, so 50×750 = 37500₹. Am I missing something? Your return in 30 years is from ₹10 to ₹750 = 75x, not 750x. That gives CAGR of – 15.5%. It is good return.”
Meanwhile, a few others spoke of similar experiences. One netizen stated, “I have shares in Reliance in my own name bought for a paltry amount of Rs.1000 around the same time and now worth over 4 lakhs.”
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