Man joins interview link for HR round, gets scammed of Rs 2.5 lakh

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Pune: Scammers have devised new ways to defraud innocent people. In the latest of such scam events, one man lost an exorbitant amount of money after joining an interview link. The victim took to social media to share his unfortunate story.

Job scam

Pune resident Naved Alam, like many others, had been reaching out to potential employers through social media. It was then that he was approached by an X user named @crankybugatti. The user told Alam of an opportunity and everything seemed legit. Little did he know he was minutes away from being defrauded.

“The conversation moved to Discord, where things seemed legitimate. Basic design questions were asked, and they even seemed impressed with my work. Then came the request for an HR call, and I was provided with a link to join. Little did I know, it was a trap,” said Alam.

A man fell for a fake job scam.
Image credit: @Navedux/X

He added, “I downloaded what I thought was an in-house communication app for the call. Instead, it was malware that drained my @phantom wallet and liquidated my staked assets on @KaminoFinance. In a matter of moments, I lost $3000 to scammers who prey on unsuspecting individuals looking for legitimate opportunities.”

The man was asked to join a link for an interview.
Image credit: @Navedux/X

Fake interview scam

The man ended the post saying, “This experience has taught me to be more vigilant and cautious online. Always verify the authenticity of job offers and never download anything unless you’re absolutely sure of its source.”

The man lost Rs 2.5 lakh in a fake interview scam.
Image credit: @Navedux/X

Netizens were taken aback. They felt sorry for the man and also thanked him for sharing his experience. Some even said they had a similar experience, but luckily did not lose any money. One said, “I am sorry for you, bro. I encountered the same guy; the application crashed on my PC, so I couldn’t join the HR call; he said it was my fault that I didn’t join the call, so I raised another ticket. I sensed something fishy there, and immediately uninstalled it from my PC.”

Another stated, “Take care, man. Move your other funds from other wallets to somewhere safe.”

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