Man slams IndiGo for putting 3-yr-old in separate seat; airline asks to prebook

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New Delhi: IndiGo Airlines has been making headlines with cushionless seats, delays, etc. Recently, the airline annoyed a passenger by giving all four members of his family separate seats, including his 3-year-old child. IndiGo responded to the man’s complaint in a tweet.

Akshay Baheti, an X user, was travelling from Chennai to Mumbai on March 31 with his wife and two kids, aged 8 and 3, via IndiGo. To his surprise, all the four seats were allotted in different rows. As per the picture of the boarding passes, the seats given were 10E, 11B, 18E and 19B.

IndiGo allots separate seats to entire family

“I, my wife, & our 8 & 3-year-old kids, travelling on @IndiGo6E on the same PNR, allotted 4 separate seats!! We 2 will manage, but not sure about those sitting next to the kids. Indigo is indeed unique. Don’t think any other airline allots separate seats to 3-year-olds (sic),” wrote the man on X.

IndiGo puts entire family in separate seats.
Image credit: @Dr_AkshayBaheti/X

The post caught the attention of the airline. It commented, “Mr Baheti, we never wish to separate a family flying together by assigning separate row seats. However, as checked, you completed your check-in at the airport, wherein the seats were assigned based on availability. Hence, we always recommend our customers to pre-book their preferred seats online for hassle-free travel.”

IndiGo said passengers shoudl prebook to avoid separate seating.
Image credit: @Dr_AkshayBaheti/X

IndiGo latest news

Many netizens commented on the issue. One wrote, “This is a strategy to sell advance seats. I request @JM_Scindia sir kindly take strict action against this airline for intentionally doing this with many passengers.” Another wrote, “Cheap way of making money. @IndiGo6E mantra is “anyway money is welcome”.. how can u be heartless to separate kids from parents…. U should allot seats complimentary….(sic).”

Meanwhile, some blamed the man and told him that he had to be extra cautious and book ahead. “It’s on you. You should’ve pre-booked seats like everyone else if you’re that worried about your family,” said one.

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