Man spends 2 hours daily to guide public at Dadar station; earns praise online

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Mumbai: One man has managed to earn the appreciation of many with his selfless act. Narendra Patil, nicknamed the “human indicator”, has been helping commuters every day for 2 hours at Mumbai’s Dadar railway station for many years.

Amid the chaos of the western line, travellers can simply approach Patil for free guidance. Whether you are lost or want to know the timings of the next trains, Patil is ready to extend a helping hand.

Narendra Patil helps people with directions at Mumbai’s Dadar station

Recently, @viralbhayani posted a video of Patil on its Instagram page. The clip featured Patil standing at a particular spot and helping those who approached him with queries.

It was captioned, “If you are confused about train timings and platform arrivals of train at Dadar station Western railway, do not worry. Human Indicator Narendra Patil is here to help you with everything. Next time you see him, do not forget to thank him for the selfless service that he is rendering to the public and that too FREE OF COST!!!”

The post garnered the comments of several netizens. Many recalled seeing Patil at the station. One wrote, “Ya, I saw him and I thought why is he selflessly helping everyone.” Another netizen commented, “This man is always there whenever I come to Dadar in the morning, good work.”

Netizens lauded Narendra Patil for his kindness

They acknowledged how his selfless act was helping people who are first-time commuters.

A third person stated, “I have seen him a couple of times .. he helped me navigate!! It’s actually very helpful if you aren’t frequent travellers.” One netizen stated, “That’s so kind of him. Dadar station can be confusing and overwhelming for many.. god bless him and yes this happens only in Mumbai.” Another said, “Somebody needs to help this man as he is clearly not thinking and doing this unnecessary job.. this is a job of a sign board..”

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