MEA issues advisory for Indians travelling to Cambodia for jobs amid scams, trafficking incidents

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New Delhi: The Centre on Thursday issued an advisory for Indians travelling to Cambodia cautioning against human trafficking syndicates trapping people with fake promises of handsome paying jobs but then forcing them to carry out cyber frauds back home among other illegal activities.

“It has come to attention that Indian nationals, lured by fake promises of lucrative job opportunities in Cambodia, are falling into the trap of human traffickers. These Indian nationals are coerced to undertake online financial scams and other illegal activities,” The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said in a statement.

The ministry said Indian citizens planning to visit Cambodia for employment are advised to do so only through authorised agents after carrying out a thorough check of their background. It also informed that the Indian government is working closely with its mission in the Cambodian capital in Phnom Penh to assist its trapped nationals.

“In the meantime, Ministry of External Affairs, through our Mission in Phnom Penh, is working closely with the Cambodian authorities to address the issue as well as provide continuous assistance to the affected Indian nationals,” it said.

Cambodia job scam

The advisory comes in the wake of last week’s report that more than 5,000 Indians are being held against their will in Cambodia and coerced to defraud people in India through various commit cyber scams with around Rs 500 crore embezzled from people in the past six months.

The Indian government is now formulating a strategy to rescue the 5,000 Indian nationals held against their will in Cambodia and forced to commit cyber scams.

A high-level meeting was convened in March between officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, MEA, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity), the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), and other security experts. The objective was to devise a plan for the safe repatriation of these individuals back to India.

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