Mukhtar Ansari death reason: Politician dies due to cardiac arrest; is it different from heart attack?

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New Delhi: Jailed gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari passed away due to a cardiac arrest on Thursday evening. He was hospitalised first and the former MLA from Mau in Uttar Pradesh had been in jail since 2005. As per reports, the 63-year-old was lodged in a jail in Banda and had been taken to Rani Durgavati Medical College after falling unconscious at 8.25 pm on Thursday. He had been complaining of vomiting as well. Ansari was tended to by a team of nine doctors, but he could not survive the cardiac arrest.

On Tuesday, Ansari was hospitalised during the early hours of the day and then discharged after 14 hours. His brother Ghazipur MP Afzal Ansari earlier claimed that the gangster-turned-politician was given a ‘poisonous substance’ in his food in jail. he also told PTI that this has happened for the second time. 40 days ago, he was given the same due to which his health deteriorated. The police department, however, said that Ansari’s health deteriorated and he fell in the washroom before being taken to the hospital at 3.45 am on Tuesday.

What is cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest is a potentially fatal condition wherein the heart stops beating suddenly. It can either come slowly or may occur suddenly. It requires immediate medical attention or the condition can raise the risk of sudden death.

What are the symptoms of cardiac arrest?

The symptoms of cardiac arrest, as per John Hopkins University, are:

Shortness of breath
Loss of consciousness
Chest pain

What is the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest?

While there are many who confuse the two terms, a heart attack and cardiac arrest are both potentially fatal yet completely different. While a cardiac arrest is characterised by complete loss of heart function, a heart attack is when blood supply to the heart gets disrupted due to a blockage in one of the arteries.

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