Mumbai: 25 Indians lured with high paying jobs in Thailand, forced to commit cyber crime

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Mumbai: The Mumbai Police arrested 2 people for allegedly duping people in the name of high-paying jobs in Thailand. Promised jobs in Thailand, around 25 Indians were taken to Laos and forced to work in call centers there. These call centers used to dupe people in Europe, US and Canada, said police.

Mumbai Police arrest 2

The Mumbai Police arrested 2 people in the case. They were identified as 46-year-old Jerry Jacob and Godfrey Alvares, who is 39. The police said that Jacob was the kingpin of the gang. The police are now searching for their third associate, a man called Sunny.

The police said that they acted on a complaint filed by Siddharth Yadav. The complainant himself was a victim of the fraud, along with 3 others. The 4 however had managed to return from Laos, taking help from the Indian Embassy in the country. Yadav told police that he had flown into Thailand hoping to earn good money. But as he reached the country in December 2022, he was taken to Laos, near the Thailand border.

The 2 accused allegedly forced Yadav and around 2 dozen other Indians like him to work in call centres which scammed people in Europe and other Western countries. The call centre allegedly used fake social media accounts to dupe the foreigners. The employees were also forced into paying hefty fines for flimsy reasons.

Yadav claimed that he along with 3 others were beaten up badly when the call centre owners came to know that they had approached the Indian Embassy for help. But the Indian Embassy helped the men escape and the local police rescued Yadav and the other men.

The Mumbai Police meanwhile have booked the 2 accused for criminal intimidation, wrongful confinement, trafficking and cheating under the Indian Penal Code. They have also been charged under relevant sections of the Immigration Act.

The 2 accused were arrested Monday when they had come to Mumbai to meet their family. Investigations revealed that they had made all plans to flee the country in a few days. Investigations revealed that the racket was being run for the past 4 years.

After the case came to light, around 10 people approached the police, claiming to have returned from Laos after being tricked into traveling to Thailand and instead being taken to the country. The police suspect that these 2 men have tricked at least 100 youths from across India in the name of providing jobs in foreign countries.

The accused were presented in court which remanded them to judicial custody till March 30. The police continue the investigation in the case and hope to catch the third culprit soon.

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