Mumbai: Interior designer booked for cheating, complainant alleges use of poor quality material

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Mumbai: In a case of cheating filed against an interior designer, a private company alleged that he used poor quality material in designing their new office. The company said that they paid a staggering Rs 1.15 crore to the designer, but he allegedly cheated them and used sub standard material, whose quality was below par.

Designer claimed to have good experience: Company

The company which was allegedly cheated is Fluidscape. They alleged in their complaint that they hired interior designer Rakesh Sharma of RKS Studios. The tender for carrying out interior designing of the office was opened by the company in July 2023. The office to be designed is located in Mumbai’s Prabhadevi.

According to Fluidspace’s manager who filed the complaint against Sharma, the man claimed to have good experience and promised a good swanky office. According to the after a few meetings both parties reached an agreement and the designer quoted an amount of Rs 1.15 crores. Of the total money, the designer took Rs 32.82 lakh as advance before starting the work, said the manager.

The work for the office started in August the same year, he said. But when some company officials visited the place in September they found that the raw material being used for the interiors was not of the quality agreed to between the 2 parties.

The official then approached Sharma regarding the whole issue. He however started evading them and gave evasive responses. The company then decided to appoint a private auditor for assessing the work. According to the auditors, the material used in the work must have cost the designer somewhere between Rs 2 to Rs 5 lakhs, which was nowhere close to the Rs 32.82 lakh he had already charged or the Rs 1.15 crore he had quoted as the overall price.

The Mumbai Police have booked a cheating case against the designer, but so far they have not arrested the designer. The police said that they are investigating the matter and will take action soon. If the designer is indeed found guilty proper action will be taken against him, they added.

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