Navy bringing 9 pirates to India, day after rescuing Iranian vessel

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New Delhi: Continuing with its anti-piracy operations, the India Navy had on Friday rescued a hijacked Iranian fishing vessel. There were 23 crew members onboard the ship, all of Pakistani origin. Following the rescue, the ship was allowed to sail onwards and the 9 pirates captured by the Navy.

Pirates to be brought to India

Following the rescue of the ship, all the pirates surrendered to the Indian Navy. After the Pakistani crew was given a thorough medical check up, they were allowed to continue on their journey. Now the pirates are being brought to India, said the Navy in a statement.

They will now be tried under the Indian laws, the Navy said. The pirates are likely to be charged under the Maritime Anti-Piracy Act, 2022. The Indian Navy rescued the fishing vessel Al-Kambar, and freed it of the pirates. They also conducted necessary checks of the ship, before allowing it to set sail again with its Pakistani crew onboard.

The Iranian vessel could be rescued after nearly 12 hours of “intense coercive tactical measures”, said a spokesperson for the Navy. The Navy had intercepted the vessel on Thursday itself. The Navy’s INS Sumedha intercepted FV ‘Al Kambar’ during early hours of Friday and rescued it with help from INS Trishul.

According to the statement, the fishing vessel was approximately 90 nautical miles southwest of Socotra. According to the information received by the Navy, it had been boarded by 9 pirates, all of whom were armed. They further said that “they remain committed to ensuring safety of seafarers irrespective of nationalities.”

Recent anti-piracy operation by Indian Navy

Of late the Indian Navy has played a big role in anti-piracy operations in the Indian Ocean region. Recently it rescued another vessel ‘Ruen’ from Nigerian pirates and rescued 17 of the crew members.

In this operation which lasted nearly 40 hours, the Navy managed to capture 35 pirates. This operation lasted 40-hour. The Navy then seized the Malta flagged ship and reports said that this was the first takeover of a cargo ship from Somalian pirates in nearly 7 years.

In this case too, the 35 pirates who had been captured onboard the Malta ship, were brought to India. They reached Mumbai on March 23 and will now be tried under Indian laws.

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