‘Nikah in TV dramas valid in real life’: Pakistani cleric’s remarks spark outrage

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Islamabad: A video of a Pakistani religious scholar saying that nikah performed in TV shows would be considered valid in real life has sparked outrage online. The video from Ramadan 2023 recently went viral on social media.

In the video, a group of religious scholars are seen participating in a show on a TV channel when one of them asks if nikah ceremonies performed between two actors could be considered valid.

“Yes, certainly. If a nikah is performed in a TV drama scene with two witnesses present, then it will be considered a valid marriage,” the cleric said.

Viral video

According to these Hanafi Maulvis and Hanafi school of thought – if two actors do a scene of Nikkah in drama or films – their marriage will commence in reality.

Fawad Khan and @TheMahiraKhan, Mubarak ho. Allah jori salamat rakhay.

When the world sees this filth in Muslim… pic.twitter.com/RrEdT9wUrH

— Ali Raza (@shezanmango) March 25, 2024

Netizens debate

The cleric’s statement sparked outrage on social media.

One user asked, “They don’t actually sign the nikkah papers in dramas tho??” Another said, “Tu sir wo jo bachy bachpan mein ghr ghr khelty thy ? Unka kya hoga.”

Fawad Khan starting tomorrow: https://t.co/lDh3cWEKmf pic.twitter.com/XsZZ7HQCo5

— Syed Zain Raza (@SydZainRaza) March 26, 2024

Many netizens jokingly congratulated actors Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan after their fictional nikah in a TV drama. Some even congratulated actor Salman Khan, joking that he’s no more single.

Netizens joke about Salman Khan being no more single! | Image:

Model-turned-actor Nadia Hussain said, “The names of the actors, the two witnesses present, the maulvi performing the ceremony, the signatures on the Nikahnama – none of it is real. It’s just scribble, and the Nikahnama isn’t even registered with the union council.”

“If religious scholars are saying that staged nikah in TV dramas are considered real marriages, then they are giving a clean chit to promoting obscenity,” the actor added.

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