OpenAI’s ChatGPT can now remember things about you for better responses

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OpenAI has introduced a feature for improving the user experience on ChatGPT, known as Memory. The AI chatbot can now remember information about users, with the intention of improving future chats. Users have also been given the control options to delete any information that they do not want ChatGPT to remember. The Memory feature is being tested, and ChatGPT may roll it back if it does not work as intended. The feature prevents users from having to repeat information to the chatbot. Users can also explicitly specify what they want ChatGPT to remember. The feature will initially be rolling out to select users.

An example of Memories for a user. (Image Credit: OpenAI).

Users can turn off the Memory feature at any time from the Personalisation options. ChatGPT’s memory can be accessed through the interface for the chatbot, but also conversationally. Users can just ask ChatGPT to remember something for the future, and also instruct it to forget something in particular. The Memory feature is linked to the user, and not individual conversations. OpenAI has indicated that the feature improves with use, with the chat experience getting better for the user over time. ChatGPT can also continue to remember things that it may have understood about the users from deleted conversations.

ChatGPT has indicated that it may use the content fed into the platform for improving the experience for all users, and this applies to the Memory feature as well. The data from ChatGPT Team and Enterprise customers will not be used by the company, to protect company secrets from leaking out into the public domain. ChatGPT also offers Temporary Chats, which are conversations that will not be saved on the platform, will not be used to improve the service, and will not be used for the Memory feature as well. The Memory feature works particularly well with another feature known as Custom Instructions, aimed at improving the experience for users.

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