Over 1400 Fast EV Chargers to Be Installed Across India by Zetwerk and IndianOil

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In a significant development for India’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, Zetwerk has won a large order from Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to set up more than 1400 fast EV chargers. This initiative aims to spread EV charging stations across major cities and key highways in India, enhancing the convenience of EV usage for the public.

The collaboration between Zetwerk, a key player in contract manufacturing, and IOCL, India’s leading fuel retailer, emerged from a competitive bidding process that saw participation from over 40 EV suppliers nationwide. This project aligns with IOCL’s vision to transform into a comprehensive energy solutions provider, with a keen focus on embracing clean and green energy alternatives.

Details of the EV Charging Project

The planned EV chargers, which will include both 50-60kW and 100-120kW capacities, are designed as DC Dual gun CCS2 chargers. These chargers have the capability to charge two vehicles at once, employing a dynamic load-sharing mode to optimize the charging process.

Abhay Adya, Zetwerk’s Business Head – Renewables, highlighted the significance of this project, stating that the installation of these charging stations at IOC outlets across urban centers is aimed at fostering the widespread adoption of electric mobility in the country.

Expected Impact on EV Adoption

This strategic deployment of fast chargers is anticipated to address one of the primary concerns hindering the adoption of electric vehicles in India: the lack of adequate and reliable charging infrastructure. By making fast charging more accessible in urban as well as strategic locations along highways, the project is expected to boost consumer confidence in electric vehicles as a viable alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

While Zetwerk is known for its global network in contract manufacturing, this project marks a significant venture into the renewable energy space, building on its previous engagement in setting up a major solar power plant in Bangladesh. This move into EV charging infrastructure development further underlines Zetwerk’s commitment to supporting sustainable energy solutions.

This collaboration is a noteworthy step towards enhancing India’s EV infrastructure, potentially transforming the landscape of electric mobility across the nation.

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