Parrots charged Rs 444 for ‘travelling’ from Bengaluru to Mysuru on bus

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Bengaluru: A Karnataka bus conductor issued a ticket of Rs 444 for parrots travelling from Bengaluru to Mysuru. A photo of the ticket issued by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus conductor has surfaced online.

The incident happened at Satellite bus stand on Tuesday morning. A woman and her granddaughter were carrying the parrots. They didn’t have to buy the tickets as they were eligible for free bus travel under the Karnataka government’s ‘Shakti Yojana’.

Parrots charged Rs 444 for travelling on bus

However, the bus conductor decided to issue a ticket of Rs 444 for the four birds, which means Rs 111 for one.

Another photo shows the woman and her granddaughter sitting on bus seats with the parrots kept in a cage on the middle seat.

Parrots treated as ‘children’

KSRTC permits pets on non-AC buses, covering city, suburban, and rural routes, but not on premium services such as Karnataka Vaibhava, Rajahamsa, non-AC sleeper or any air-conditioned buses. Pet dog fare is half that of an adult, while puppies, rabbits, birds and cats pay half of the fare for children.

The parrots were treated as “children”, The Hans India reported.

According to KSRTC regulations, passengers must purchase half tickets for their pets and birds. Those who fail to do so may face a fine of 10 per cent of their ticket fare.

KSRTC officials warn that conductors who fail to issue these tickets may face legal action and suspension for mishandling KSRTC funds.

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