People of J&K should work together for long-lasting peace in the region: Kashmir civil society

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New Delhi: The solution to the problems faced by Jammu & Kashmir today can be resolved by the people of the region, said members of civil society and intellectuals from Jammu and Kashmir.
The civil society members also emphasized that the citizens should work together to make this historical region ‘great once again.’ The sentiment resonated at the preliminary meeting called of the intellectuals, members of the civil society, and the senior Kashmiris in Delhi on Tuesday.

While emphasizing on working together for the return of peace in and brotherhood, the attendees of the meet at the India International Centre (IIC) called the people of Jammu and Kashmir to iron their differences and close the gaps that allow the politics, propaganda, and the hate enter into the society.

The participants agreed among themselves to draw a roadmap for the sake of the future of the children of Jammu and Kashmir. The strategies discussed in the meeting included, more person to person contact, draft an outreach program, and promote the cultural communication among the people belonging to different religion, region, caste and communities.

The organizers told that the agenda this initiative is to protect the Kashmiri culture and promotion of peace. “We want to see people living a normal life and normal means without any fear, any stress, and any external interference”, said Rakesh Sapru who is one of the leading faces behind this initiative. “People of Jammu and Kashmir should have their says when their affairs are being decided by the policymakers,” he added.

Addressing the meet, Muzaffar Shah a senior politician from J&K also stressed upon the return of normalcy. “We have a same culture, same love for our state, and the same concerns for our people” said Shah while calling the Kashmiri people to set aside the differences.

Among other issues discussed in the program includes the issue of economy, development, education, curbing the separatist tendencies among the youth, establish a lasting peace, renovation of Sharda Mandir in Pakistan, and preserving the culture of J&K. Also, a demand was raised to include Kashmiri language in all government related works.

The group agreed to draft a roadmap for peace, integration of the society, and frequent contact among the people of J&K belonging to different religions. Justice Iqbal Ahmad Ansari,
Ghazi Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri, Romesh Razdan, Dr. Sunil Kaul, Manzoor Ahmed, Qamar Agha, Zegham Murtaza and Nilofar also addressed the event.

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