PM Modi sets BJP’s poll agenda of rooting out graft; Ram Temple, CAA promises already delivered

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Jaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the BJP’s election campaign in Rajasthan’s Kotputli, near Jaipur. In his first election rally in the state, he said that the corrupt are rallying together to stop action against corruption. While bringing up the issue without naming RJD leader Lalu Yadav, where he had said that PM Modi does not have a family, the PM said, “They say that I do not have a family, so I do not need corruption, but if they have a family, does it mean that they get a license to commit corruption?” PM Modi also attacked the opposition by saying, “The Congress scared the entire country by claiming that if the name of Ram Mandir was taken, then the country would burn and would be set on fire. Now, a grand Ram Temple has been built; lamps were lit, and there was no fire anywhere.”

PM Modi sets the poll agenda

A look at PM Modi’s public address in Kotputli makes it clear that the BJP will fight the LS polls on the issue of how the Modi government is working towards weeding out corruption from the country, but in the Opposition INDI Alliance, the family-based parties are holding rally after rally to save their families. The BJP has set in motion the narrative that this is the first election in which all the corrupt people are rallying together to stop action against corruption!

Earlier, in his election rally in Uttarakhand, the PM also attacked the Opposition over the issue of corruption and said that he said to remove corruption while the Opposition said to save the corrupt. The PM went on to say that action will continue against every corrupt person, and there will be a stronger attack on corruption at the beginning of his third term.

Similarly, in UP’s Meerut rally a few days ago, the PTI reported the PM as saying, “In the last 10 years, the country has seen that we have started the fight against corruption. We have ensured that no middleman can steal money from the poor. I am fighting against corruption, that is why the corrupt are behind bars today.” He said that the upcoming election was between the NDA, which is fighting against corruption, and the other group, which is fighting to save the corrupt.

The speeches of PM Modi in these rallies show that while talking about his government’s Vikisit Bharat agenda for 2047, he is also setting a narrative about how he is relentlessly working on his promise of 2014 to make India corruption-free, but the opposition is not letting him work on it.

It may be noted that when PM Modi attacks the INDI Alliance while saying that his mantra is ‘Bhrashtachar hatao‘ while they say ‘Bhrashtacahri bachao‘, one must understand that corruption among Opposition politicians is mostly because they have been trying to prioritise grabbing power over ideology as most parties are dominated by family dynasties. Thus, when the primary goal is to grab power by hook or crook, personal gains overpower everything else. The person forgets things as to why he has been elected, what the public hopes from him, or what he can do as a leader to take the country forward. In contrast, for parties and leaders with strong ideologies, power is a means to a greater end where they can give to society, guard against corruption, and spell out a vision to take the country forward.

PM Modi is right when he says that they aim to fend for their families while he aims to give the best to his countrymen, who are his family.
Similarly, in his election rallies thus far, the PM has been talking about what he had promised and has managed to keep that promise. He has been touching upon issues like the construction of Ram Temple and the implementation of CAA, which can be seen as an attempt to make the public realise what has been done in these past 10 years and why the people need to give him a third term so that he can deliver on his promise of a Vikisit Bharat by 2047.

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