Polytechnic student in Visakhapatnam alleges sexual assault, jumps to death from college building

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New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a 17-year-old student from a polytechnic college in Visakhapatnam took her own life by jumping off a college building. Prior to her tragic death, she engaged in a poignant text exchange with her family, unveiling distressing details of sexual harassment she endured at the institution.

According to the heart-rending messages, the teenager expressed her inability to report the harassment due to threats from her assailants, who possessed compromising photos of her. She revealed that other girls at the college also faced similar assaults, painting a grim picture of pervasive misconduct within the institution. Despite her family’s frantic efforts to intervene and reassure her, the teenager felt compelled to end her life, citing the unbearable burden of harassment and the fear of its repercussions.

Final messages to family

In her final messages, she conveyed messages of love, regret, and encouragement to her family members, acknowledging the pain her decision would cause them. Her father, devastated by the loss, mentioned the need for answers and justice, highlighting the care with which he had raised his daughter and his aspirations for her education and future.

College’s response

Responding to the allegations, the college’s principal denied any possibility of male access to the women’s hostel, asserting stringent measures in place to prevent such incidents. Meanwhile, authorities launched an investigation, questioning faculty members and students to uncover the truth behind the tragedy.

Medical student dies by suicide

Last month, a 23-year-old medical student died by suicide at Maulana Azad Medical College, the Delhi Police said on Monday. A final-year student her body was found in her hostel room. The police reached the spot soon after receiving the information.

While the body has been sent for forensic test, the police have also started questioning the students, friends, and family members to ascertain the cause of the incident. Notably, no suicide note was found on the spot. The police have not revealed the identity of the family to maintain

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