Punjab shocker: Patiala girl dies after eating birthday cake ordered online

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Patiala: In a shocking case reported from Punjab’s Patiala, a 10-year-old girl died after having cake on her birthday. The girl reportedly died of food poisoning last week. According to her grandfather, the entire family, including the girl’s younger sister fell ill after eating the cake.

Girl celebrated birthday on March 24, died soon after

A video circulating online showed the little girl cutting the cake and celebrating her birthday. The video was shot just hours before her death. According to her grandfather, the girl cut the cake at around 7 pm and fell sick by 10 pm. In fact the whole family felt uneasy after having the cake. The birthday girl and her younger sister soon began vomiting.

According to her grandfather, the girl, Manvi, fell sick and asked for water, saying that she was extremely thirsty. She also said that she was feeling dryness in her mouth. After having a glass of water, the girl went to bed, said the grandfather.

According to her family, they had to rush the child to hospital early the next morning after her health deteriorated. The doctors at the hospital put the child on oxygen support and performed an electrocardiogram (ECG) of the heart, said her grandfather. But before doctors could do anything else, the child died. The doctors declared her dead soon after arriving at the hospital.

Family blames shop which sold cake

After the child’s death, the distraught family members blamed the shop from where the cake was ordered. They also filed a case against the bakery owner. The family have alleged in their complaint that the cake contained some poisonous substance.

The police meanwhile have launched an investigation in the entire matter. They have sent a piece of the cake consumed by the girl to the laboratory for testing. A post mortem of the body was conducted and it was handed over to the family for the last rites, said officials.

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