RCB’s Cameron Green reveals following a ‘special diet’ as he suffers chronic kidney disease, check details

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New Delhi: Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) all-rounder Cameron Green, recently revealed that he is suffering from a chronic kidney disease. The 24-year-old all-rounder has been suffering from the condition since December previous year. During his ongoing season in the Indian Premier League (IPL), he has put out his best form despite fighting a chronic illness and all this is because he has been asked to follow a special diet and routine to be able to play cricket.

According to media reports, he has been taking this special diet with the help of the RCB Executive chef because of a restricted number of food options available that may suit people suffering from such diseases. During a press conference recently, he stated that for him it is sometimes challenging, especially in India. This is because of the limited food options that he can intake during this condition.

What is this ‘special diet’?

In the same press conference, he shared that he has to look after his salt and protein intake. He has to keep that minimum around cricket and then during cricket. Further, he said, he could slightly increase the salt amounts because he also needs to play cricket. Hence, it is quite challenging as the change in diet is pretty strict. This he is following because he wants to perform on the field. Lastly, he noted that he also has to think about the long-term health risks if he fails to look after himself.

Why should Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients avoid salt?

People with chronic kidney disease are often asked to ensure that they keep a check on their salt intake below the recommended maximum of 6g. In Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients, the blood pressure of the patients is traditionally thought to have a direct link to the consequence of their sodium sensitivity. This is because sodium and fluid retention causing hypervolemia can lead to the development of hypertension in CKD patients.

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