SHOCKING! Study explains how not brushing the teeth in the morning can lead to bowel cancer

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New Delhi: A dentist recently discovered that not brushing the teeth has more repercussions than just poor oral health. It turns out, there is a link between poor oral hygiene and deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in the US found that microbes found in the mouth can travel to the lower gut and withstand stomach acids, this then grows within colorectal cancers. Researchers evaluated 200 bowel cancer cases and found that half of the tumours contained the microbe.

How is oral health linked to bowel cancer risk?

As per the study, microbes drive cancer progression and this can over time prove deadly. Studies show that there is a link between how one cares for the teeth and the eventual risk of colon cancer. Researchers say that some forms of bacteria are normal to have in the mouth. However, if not cleaned by brushing regularly, they can reach the colon and raise the risk of cancer.

According to experts, what happens in the mouth can affect other body parts too. And not caring for the teeth can lead to unexpected problems like making other organs sick. Known as Fusobacterium nucleatum, the bacteria can make matters worse for people living with colorectal cancer. There are various types of bacteria in the found but when they enter the colon, they can make matters severely worse.

Benefits of maintaining oral health

Studies associate a good dental care regime with better gut health and even a healthier heart. These results are backed by several studies that found a link between inflammation in the gums and teeth with heart diseases and digestive distress. Apart from causing cavities, diabetes – a chronic condition chacterised by spiking blood sugar levels – is also a possibility. This, researchers say, is indicative of how people of all ages must visit a dentist regularly to brush the teeth every morning and floss as well.

It is also important to go for regular dental check-ups as it could help diagnose disorders timely and seek appropriate treatment as well.

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