Sick of insulin injections for type-1 diabetes? THIS artificial pancreas could be a one-stop solution

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New Delhi: Type-1 diabetes is not as common as type-2 diabetes but the condition is not less serious. According to experts, this chronic condition can also be potentially deadly if not managed well. In this case, the pancreas produces less or no insulin. It often appears in adolescence but can affect children as well. But a recent breakthrough might be the next big thing – an artificial pancreas could act as a first aid and one-stop way to end the endless everyday injections of insulin.

Researchers say that the new pancreas monitors an individual’s glucose levels and automatically adjusts insulin levels that are given to a pump. This transformative technology has the power to redefine the lives of type-1 diabetes patients. As per the NHS, this device could improve medical care and also enhance the quality of life of diabetic patients.

How does type-1 diabetes affect health?

Type-1 diabetes, unline type-2 diabetes, is not a condition that one can protect oneself from or stop others from developing it. Doctors say that the chronic condition can over time damage cells in the pancreas that release insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Insulin helps the cells absorb sugar from blood and use it in the form of energy. It is said that patients normally need to monitor their blood sugar throughout the day and inject the hormone to keep glucose levels in check.

Researchers say that the artificial pancreas system can be particularly helpful for people who cannot keep their blood sugar levels in check. Known as the Hybrid Closed Loop system, NHS England piloted the technology and tested it on 835 adults and children living with type-1 diabetes and they will be rolled out for eligible people soon. Doctors say that the stress levels that diabetics face while trying to keep blood sugar under control can be mitigated with the help of this device.

What are the symptoms of type-1 diabetes?

The symptoms of type-1 diabetes are:

Peeing more often than usual
Feeling thirsty
Feeling exhausted
Blurred vision
Unexplained weight loss
Cuts and wounds that do not heal
Fruity-smelling breath

The symptoms can sometimes be similar to type-2 diabetes but they particularly appear sooner in children.

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