‘So sweet’: Bumble match writes pain relief prescription for woman; post viral

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New Delhi: Most people in today’s time depend on dating apps to find meaningful connections. In addition to being an avenue for forming romantic relationships, these apps have benefited people in several ways. One woman was lucky enough to get a free medical consultation from a man she matched on Bumble. The woman shared her story on X.

Bumble match prescribes medicines for woman

An X user named Saniya Dhawan shared a screenshot from her Bumble chat. She captioned it, “Matched with an Ortho doctor on Bumble and randomly told him that I am experiencing neck and shoulder pain. He asked me some questions around it and then wrote me a prescription, this is so sweet.”

A woman matched with an orthopaedic and he prescribed her medicines for neck pain.
Image credit: @SaniyaDhawan1/X

In the texts, the doctor stated, “Take tab Mobizox 1-0-0 x 7 days (after food). Tab Pan-40 mg 1-0-0 x 7 days (before food).” Further, he asked Dhawan to apply an ointment named Flexabenz. He also told her to “apply hot packs and maintain posture care”.

Social media reactions

The post garnered the attention of many. Netizens found the man’s gesture sweet and amusing. One wrote, “Getting to your heart through your bones.” Another person stated, “Wow I screen-shotted this, cos I can use it for my neck pain too…convey my thanks to him too.” A third individual wrote, “Bumble is the new Practo now or what.” Another commented, “Such a selfless doc! But some people are trolling him eh? Don’t hate ortho bros! They’re just too good sometimes.”

Meanwhile, some stated how dating other professionals via the app can be advantageous. “Date an engineer he will fix all your problems!!!” said one. Another said, “I think I need to look for a therapist in Bumble from now on! I need some free therapy sessions!” One individual opined, “Date a CA he will file your returns and manage your taxes free for the time he is dating you.”

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