Stain checks to stranger hugs: Females share how women support women daily

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New Delhi: Have you ever been drunk in a club and wondered how every woman you meet in the washroom is so friendly? Well, they definitely are! And you don’t have to be drunk for that. The world witnesses a display of sweet and warm sisterhood everyday, all the time. And if you have experienced that, consider yourself lucky!

Reddit users share sisterhood stories

But also, it is always very mesmerising to see how women around the world help each other. And several Reddit users took to the social media platforms to share their experiences with women – friends and strangers alike!

“Stranger woman needs a stain check. Stain check she gets,” one user wrote. It is definitely true. Girls have telepathic systems to see if the other needs them to check if they’ve accidentally soiled their clothes! “Once saw two girls (clearly not from India) being convinced/coerced by two guys to sit in their car with them for whatever reason so I butt in and pretended to be their friend who was waiting for them and helped them escape that situation. IDK how to sum it up as girl code but yeah. Girl code,” another female Reddit user wrote.

Girl code experiences

“Asking your girlfriends to message once they’re home safely or checking up on them if they forget to do so,” another one wrote. “Avoid dating their ex. Don’t hate the girl your ex dating. Don’t compare yourself with her. Don’t stalk her. Don’t shit talk about her. Telling if their bf or crush doing some creepy shit. Warning about a creepy guy beforehand. Giving seat to pregnant lady,” yet another woman said on Reddit.

Well, true girl code it is! Works magic all the time!

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